Monday, August 07, 2006

And This Guy Calls Himself An Internet Copywriter?


I'm Simon Hillier. I run a copywriting and internet marketing business
Get There Writing Services, based in Sydney, Australia.

It's more than ten years since I first started writing and marketing on the web but this is first blog I've ever owned.

Until recently I was under the impression that blogs were just a place for people to spew out the kind of mindless thoughts that even close friends go all glazed eyes listening too. Sort of like the babble you're reading right now.

Apparently, I'm wrong. THEY say, "Blogs are a must for any online business".

I've alway wondered who THEY are. Do THEY own a blog? I'd imagane so. THEY seem to have an opinion on everything.

Anyway, I thought a blog could be a great avenue to help people trying to get their heads around web writing and marketing. We'll see.

Simon copywriting and internet marketing strategies.

There's so much information and jargon, so many theories and experts, it's enough to make the most avid internet junkie's head spin, let alone people who don't know where to start or have other important things to do to get their business up and running.

The best way I can share my knowledge, is to try and cut through the sales speak, and make it fun and informative. Sound like a plan?

Hopefully I'll get the hang of blogging a lot faster than it took me to surf my first wave. In the meantime, apologies for the lack of structure, and welcome to Simon Writes.


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