Monday, August 07, 2006

Did you hear the one about the copywriter who tried to start a blog?

Ok, so I've followed rule 1 of blogging for success, “Pick a topic that you’re passionate about, and write in an informal tone.”

We'll I'm passionate about lots of things, but most are not appropriate for family viewing. The not so serious web copywriting and internet marketing tips idea sounded safe enough.

Before I started my business Get There Writing Services, I was a copywriter and marketing manager for some of Australia’s most successful e-commerce companies and wrote two of Australia’s most popular email newsletters, and…

Hang on, rule 2 of blogging for success says, “Don’t hard sell your product or service, that’s what your business website is for. If you do, visitors may become rather irate, burn your blog to the ground, have their dog mark out it’s territory on the smouldering remains, before disappearing forever”.

And here I am starting my blog sounding like an infommercial.

But wait, that’s not all. The first 100, 99, 98 people to view my blog will be subject to whatever inane thoughts are running around in my head absolutely FREE!

Anyway, rule 3. This is my rule. It's about having fun. I do way too much serious work everyday so I'll leave the serious copywriting blog to someone else.


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