Friday, August 11, 2006

Website Audiences – The Copywriters Speed Date

Website Audiences – The Copywriters Speed Date

A thought struck me the other day. Copywriting and going on a first date have the same prime objective – seduce, or at least attract, your target audience. If so, does that mean Internet copywriting is like a speed date?

Think about it. Playing musical chairs with a room full of love vultures is hardly the perfect environment to deliver your best line, or paragraph. Presumably the online reader is sitting in a more relaxed setting, but monitor resolution, colours, and glare, can distract all but the most intrigued from your sweet-talking copy.

Similarly, neither audience has the time nor inclination to sit and listen to long winded tales of heroism, gallantry, and product features. They’d much prefer to scan through your sub-headings, clicking on your hyperlinks, and jump between your pages, before slipping between your sheets.

Then you have to remember that most of your audience knew what they were looking for before they arrived. Now they want some damn good reasons why they should pick you amongst all these potential suitors. If you can't impress them in the first thirty seconds, someone who can is just a click or a table away. Even if you do sound like a pretty good catch, chances are they are going check out all the options before taking your number.

So what’s the moral of the story? Whether you are copywriting for a business website or trying to impress the cutie across the table, make a big first impression and leave them panting “I bet we’d be good together”.

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