Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why A Knockout Headline Is So Important

I’ve just realised why very few boxers make good copywriters, and most online copywriters make pathetic pugilists. We’re complete oxymorons (no pun intended)

During a world title fight the other night, one of the corner men told his boxer to, “Kill the body and the head will fall”.

As copywriters, we are always being told to keep our keyword phrases and content up, so it's easy to become completely focussed on the body copy and forget that it won't make an impact on the reader if we don't land a knockout headline up front.

In other words, before stepping in the ring with that business website, sales letter, blog post, or article, a copywriter needs to remember, “Kill the headline, or the body will fall”.

There's a helpful headline article on copyblogger that will have you ready to rumble.

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Brian Clark said...

Nice analogy!

Simon Hillier said...

Thanks Brian,

Coming from the champ that's a real compliment