Saturday, September 09, 2006

Copywriting for Business Websites - Personality Counts

People often talk about the importance of using a friendly tone in blog posts. This doesn't necessarily mean you transform into some stuffy 19th century English professor when writing for your business website.

If your online business doesn’t have a physical shop front, then your website copy is the best sales rep you have. It needs to introduce your company, make visitors feel welcome, show them your products or services, explain their benefits, and ultimately, sell them your offer.

Without an engaging personality, you're audience is likely to say "No thanks, I'm just browsing" before making a quick click for the door.

Here are just a few tips to help that irresistable personality shine through in your business website copy:

Make sure your copy flows
Reading online is straining enough. Using jargon, formal language and trying to impress your audience with self-important words they need a dictionary to translate will only make them irritated and frustrated. They will soon be thinking about places, or sites, they’d rather be.

Remember the old adage Keep It Simple Stupid? Don’t patronise your audience, but don’t assume they know anything about your business or what you do. They have arrived laden with burning questions, “What are you selling?” “Why should I choose you?” “Where are you?” “How can I get some of this?” “How much is it?” Make it easy for them to find the answers.

One easy way to tell if your website copy isn't doing the job is to read the questions that visitors send you. If something stands out, maybe you need to reword that section of your site.

Appropriately tempt your audience
A lot of hot and personal activity goes down online, but it isn't the technology itself that causes monitors to fog up. The content is what makes things exciting. The Internet itself is just an impersonal two-dimensional screen. Good copywriting might not always be intended to get the heart racing, but it must connect with your intended audience to break through this impersonal barrier. Maybe your copy needs a little humour, sophistication, authority, personal touch, or yes, even something racy.

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